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Our aim is to supply management, capital and expertise to the most profitable, efficient and sustainable projects in order to create rapid positive impact on millions of lives. We look for positions, projects or partners whose values are strongly aligned with ours, and whose asset portfolio, performance and governance mean they will grow and endure.

We focus our time and ingenuity on pragmatic initiatives and technologies to lessen our emissions, waste and potential environmental harm throughout the construction, excavation, engineering, upstream and downstream processes and beyond, as we engage in some of the planet’s greatest challenges; providing infrastructure, shelter, electricity, transport and the means to continue economic growth in a sustainable way.

Portfolio Composition

Our stable of diversified infrastructure assets and partner projects form an attractive portfolio of cash-generating tangible assets, providing predictable income streams uncorrelated to traditional business cycles, macroeconomic cycles and broad capital markets performance.

Direct and adjacent markets include Ports, Roads, Toll ways, Rail, Bridges, LNG Terminals, Airports, Car Parks, Locks, Ferries, Water, Storage, Shipping, Freight, Refinery Facilities & Servicing, Electricity, Gas, Waste, Pipelines, Upstream & Downstream exploration and development, Distribution, Highways, Metro systems.

We believe our established and unique local advantages give us an unmatched opportunity to create sustained, long-term value, and are confident the valuation of our assets increases as the global population and their need for more infrastructure simultaneously expands.

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